To deliver our exclusive live show, both of our 11 and 18 piece party bands feature incredible singers, brass and string players who authentically perform a set of infectious disco, funk and soul classics.

18 Piece Band Featuring Singers, Strings and Brass
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11 Piece Party Band


Supertonic is fronted by two incredible vocalists. Both deliver commanding vocal performances week in week out and take on challenging songs by artists such Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Chaka Khan and Michael Jackson with ease. Our singers love interacting with the crowd during our performance as well, often going out onto the dance floor themselves to get involved in the party.


Our 4 piece brass section are an integral part of the band, adding punch, impact and energy to everything we play. With plenty of choreographed moves too, our saxophone, trumpet and trombone players bring all of the disco, funk and soul we perform to life.


Featuring keyboards, guitar, bass, drums and percussion, our rhythm section work meticulously to replicate every iconic groove you know and love.

18 Piece Show Band


Included in our 18 piece line up are the amazing Azul Strings, an in-demand collective of string players who perform at luxury weddings and events across the globe. Adding elegance and class, our string players are so important in making our spectacular 18 piece band what it is.

Backing Vocals

Also included in our 18 piece line up are three additional singers. With roots in soul, gospel and RnB, our backing vocals lift every single song with rich harmonies that complement our lead vocalists.

Singers, Strings, Brass and Rhythm Section11 Piece Featuring Singers and 4 Piece Brass Section
Supertonic monogram logo